Issue of National Services Card and Digital Signature with online recognition via webcam

Step 1 - Booking

  • Go to the dedicated portal for online recognition:
  • Complete the form by providing:
    - personal details;
    - details of your ID document: ID card, driving license, passport, valid plastic health card (only Italian issued documents are valid);
    - email address and personal mobile number.
  • Complete registration by selecting an appointment.
  • Complete the payment using PagoPA.

Technical Assistence: tel. 049 2030328.

You will receive un email with the date and time of the appointment and the link to the webID portal for recognition via webcam.  
After booking, it is possible to use the TEST feature to check your webcam is working. 

Step 2 - Recognition

  • Before beginning, check your webcam is working.
  • During the recognition process you will need to show your ID document and your health card (tax code). Both documents must be valid. 
  • At the time of your appointment, start the online session by clicking on the link you received in the email. 
  • Ensure you have the ID document which you used to complete the application form. 
  • You will be supported throughout the process by an online operator.

Step 3 – Issue and delivery 

The Service Centre's Registration Authority Officer will physically issue the digital signature device, package it, and deliver it to the express courier for tracked and guaranteed shipment to your home.

Cost of the devices

  • Digital DNA Wireless Token: € 92,00 (+VAT).
  • Smart card: € 49,00 (+VAT) .

Go to the Portal to request a device >>


Firma digitale ID Infocamere

Last modified
Tue 30 Jan, 2024