Tachograph cards

The tachograph card is the device that enables the vehicle unit (tachograph) to be used in its various functions. First of all, it enables the identification of the person operating the tachograph, be it a driver, a control authority, a maintenance workshop or a company owning the vehicle. It itself contains a data storage system for the operations that are carried out with the digital tachograph. There are four different types of card, each with a different function in relation to the person who has to use it. The cards are issued by the Chambers of Commerce, identified by national legislation as the issuing authority in Italy (Ministerial Decree 361 of 31 October 2003). The Italian cards were subject to approval by the Ministry of Productive Activities, formalised by Ministerial Decree of 29 July 2005.

Each type of tachograph card has its own function and specific use depending on whether it belongs to the driver, the company, the control authorities or the workshop.

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