The workshop card

The workshop card is used for calibration and programming of the tachograph and identifies a workshop authorised by the national authority for the activation, calibration and downloading of data.

The workshop card allows the data entered into the tachograph to be recorded and downloaded and is the only one that allows the equipment to be modified.

The card is issued within 15 days from the date of registration of the workshop card application submitted to the Chamber of Commerce, where the requesting workshop is based; an access code (PIN) is issued to the applicant together with the card in a confidential manner. The workshop can apply for several cards, each to be assigned to a specialised technician, who can only operate if they hold a specific training certificate, issued by the tachograph manufacturer.

Due to the sensitive nature of its function, the workshop card has an administrative validity of one year and is renewable on expiry upon request to the Chamber, provided that the requirements for the authorisation remain in place and the authorisation has not been revoked.

In the event of theft, loss or malfunction of the card, the workshop may apply to the issuing Chamber for its replacement and the replacement card shall have the same expiry date as the original card, unless its residual validity is less than three months, in which case it shall be valid for another year. The new card will be issued within eight working days, from the date on which the Chamber requests the issue of a replacement card.

Workshop card application

Workshops regularly enrolled in the Maremma and Tyrrhenian Register of Companies and in possession of Ministerial Authorisation may apply for a workshop card.

The application form (downloadable >>by clicking here<<) must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • valid photocopy of the identity document of the company owner or legal representative;
  • photocopy of the valid identity document of the Technical Manager;
  • proof of payment of €37.00 for administrative fees via the PagoPA online platform (to find out how to receive the payment notice >> click here <<); alternatively, payment can be made in cash, by debit or credit card at the office when submitting the application;
  • a €16.00 revenue stamp
  • proxy form (if applicable) in the event of the application and/or collection of the card by a person other than the applicant. It is possible to download the proxy form from the "forms" section.
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