National Services Card and Digital Signature: what are they and what are they used for?

The Digital Signature makes it possible to sign an electronic document with the same legal validity as a handwritten signature. 

The Digital Signature of an electronic document guarantees its:

  • authenticity, by confirming the identity of the signatory;
  • integrity, the document has not been modified after signing;
  • non-repudiation, the person who signed the document cannot disown it.

This is possible thanks to the Subscription Certificate that is uniquely associated with a physical or legal person and the National Services Card Authentication Certificate, both contained in the signature device.

The National Services Card allows secure identification of the Certificate holder, giving citizens easy access to personal areas of Public Administration websites (National Workplace Insurance, Inland Revenue Agency, National Pension Fund) and businesspeople easy access to other portals such as Telemaco Business Register, SiBonus or Businessowner’s Digital Dashboard

The Digital Signature of the Maremma and Tyrrhenian Chamber of Commerce is the fundamental tool for simplifying relations with public bodies which is indispensable for the digitalisation of every company's business processes.

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Tue 30 Jan, 2024