The control authority card

The control authority card, with its blue background, allows control to be exercised with respect to driving time and speed both by inspecting the information recorded on the tachograph and by printing it out and downloading it onto other computer media.

It allows the inspection of driver card data archived over the last eight days and the tachograph memory, as well as the inspection of data archived by the company over the last year. It allows the storage of at least 230 control files, keeping track of control activity data (date, time and type of control).

The card is issued exclusively to control authorities in charge of technical-administrative controls in the field of safety at work and road transport, or to police authorities in charge of roadside checks, at the request of the same authorities. The card bears the name and address of these control authorities, but remains anonymous.

The issuing of control cards is carried out centrally through the Unioncamere. For information see the link

Following the agreement between Unioncamere, Infocamere and ANCI stipulated on 9 March 2006, the local Chambers of Commerce are responsible for issuing control cards to the Municipal Police only, at the request of the municipal administration, at a unit cost of €21.00 to be paid via the PagoPA online platform. To find out how to receive the payment notice >> click here <<.

The application form can be downloaded >> by clicking here <<

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